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This research work was based on the effect of different locations on the yield of cassava. Effect of location on the yield of some agricultural product has been a general topic of debates among different scholars for many years, as a result of this, I seek to carry out this research work so as to correct and answer to their usual questions and experimental problems.
            The data were estimated using necessary statistical tools under the design of experiment using Randomized Complete Block Design. After the analysis of the data, the result is subjected to hypothesis testing at 0.05 level of significant to determine if there is different on the treatments and block effect.
            However, from our analysis of the data I concluded that the best and suitable locations for the yield of cassava are OKE OKUN AND BOMODEKOLE so as to have the best yield.
            Therefore, I recommend government to encourage farmers in the Northern part of the country to plant more cassava in any location with the provision of NPK fertilizer for the best yield.

Title Page

1.0 Background of the Study
1.1 Objectives of the Study
1.2 Scope of the Study
1.3 Justification of the Study
1.4. Procedure for Data Collection
1.4.1 Primary Data
1.4.2 Secondary Data
1.5 Method of Data Collection
1.6 Limitation of Data Used
1.7 Statistical Technology Used in the Experiment
1.7.1The Absolute Experiment
1.7.2The Comparative Experiment
1.8 Errors and Errors Control in Experimentation
1.9 Errors Control
1.10 Sources of Bias Errors are
1.11 Function of Errors Control
1.12 Concept of Experimental Design
1.13 Characteristic of Good Design
1.14 Principle of Experimental Design
1.14.1 Randomization
1.14.2 Replication

2.0 Literature Review of the Case Study
2.1 Aims and Objective
2.2 The Organization
2.3 Origin of Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz)
2.4 Soil Requirement
2.5 Climatic Requirement
2.6 Land Preparation
2.7 Planting
2.8 Weed Control
2.9 Yield
2.10 Varieties of Cassava
2.11 Fertilization
2.12 Disease, Pest and their Controls
2.13 Uses of Cassava
2.14 Botany of Cassava (Taxonomy)

3.0 Methodology
3.1 Randomized Complete B lock Design
3.2 Theoretical Data layout for Randomized Complete Block Design
3.3 Assumption of Randomized Complete Block Design
3.4 Partitioning Sum of Square
3.5 Analysis of Variance
3.6 Test Of Hypothesis
3.7 Type I and Type II Error
3.8 Limitation of the Project
3.9 Difference of Two Means
3.10 Test of Equality of Means
3.11 Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DMRT)

4.0 Finding Presentation of Original Data
4.1 Anova Table
4.2 Statement of Hypothesis
4.3 Decision Rule
4.4 Conclusion
4.5 Duncan’s Mean Range Test For Treatment
4.6 Testing The Means With One Another
4.7 Interpretation Of The Result
4.8 Duncan’s Mean Range Test For Block
4.9 Testing The Means Whit One Another
4.10 Interpretation Of The Result
5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1 Summary
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendation

1.0             INTRODUCTION
Statistics are all around us. In fact, it would be difficult to go through a full work without using Statistics. Statistics is the study of collection, organization and interpretation of data. It deals with all aspect of this, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments.
Statistics can be defined as the scientific study of the method of collection, organization, summarization, presentation, analysis and interpretation of well collected quantitative and qualitative forms of data with view of drawing valid conclusion and making reasonable decision on the basis of such analysis.
Design and analysis of experiment involve the use of Statistical methods in planning and executing the research to ensure that necessary data are collected and processed to facilitate valid conclusions. Statistical methods (which are generally design is an aspect) and widely look into different fields of research. For example, medical statistics (psychometrics), sociology (sociometrics), economic (econometrics) etc.
Experimental design is concern with planning experiments in order to obtain the maximum amount of information of an experiment; the experimenter has control over certain effect called treatment populations, or treatment combinations. The experimental generally controls the choice of the experimental unit of whether are to be into groups called BLOCKS.
        i.            The objective of this research work is to study the Randomized Complete Block Design of the effect of location on the yield of cassava varieties.
      ii.            To know the effect of location on the yield of cassava varieties.
    iii.            To know the highest yielding varieties of cassava.
1.2              THE SCOPE OF THE STUDY
The data used for this research work was collected from an experiment carried out at the Institution of Agriculture...

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