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Employees constitute the most important resources of an organization. This is mainly because of the fact that the success of any organization depend very crucially on the efficient and effective use of its human resources (i.e personnel). In view of this, the management of personnel is not in the hands of the individual manager. Thus, personnel management is the responsibility of a specific units called personnel or administration department in most of sizeable business organization, while individual managers play their part in the personnel department co-ordinates the activities involved in personnel management e.g staff recruitment training and development, appraisal generate condition of service.
This is to enable the study to get clear and correct information from both the senior and junior staff of IBARAPA EAST LOCAL GOVERNMENT ERUWA, the case study concerning the administration of the local government.

·        Title Page
·        Approval Page
·        Dedication
·        Acknowledgement        
·        Abstract
·        Table of Contents
1.0     Introduction        
1.1     Statement of problems
1.2     Purpose of the study
1.3     Statement of Hypothesis
1.4     Significance of the study
1.5     Scope of the study        
1.6     Organization structure of a typical personnel department
1.7     Definition of key terms
1.8     Organization structure of Ibarapa East local government
1.9     Historical Background of Ibarapa East local government      

2.1     Literature review
2.2     Conceptual definition and description of Personnel management
2.3     Basic functions of Personnel Department
2.4     Work analysis and design
2.5     Requirement and selection
2.6     Training and development
2.7     Compensation
2.8     Performance appraisal
2.9i    Welfare services and safety
2.9ii   Objective of personal management stated by
American management association (AMA)

3.1     Research methodology
3.2     Research design
3.3     Subject of the study
3.4     Data generating instrument
3.5     Validation of research instruments
3.6     Method of data analysis
3.7     Problems encountered

4.1     Introduction
4.2     Data analysis and presentation
5.0     Introduction
5.1     Summary of findings
5.2     Recommendation
5.3     Conclusion
5.4     Suggestion for further studies

Employees are the human resources that constitute the workforce in an organisation. They put in some efforts in implementing the organisation objectives. Therefore, they need to be appropriately catered for.
Personnel Management has generally been considered in traditional terms, a staff functions and like all the other management functions, staffing is a flow of activities which results in the continuous filling of the various positions of all levels in the organisation. These activities include work analysis and design, recruitment and selection, training and development, appraisal, compensation (Wages and Salaries), welfare services, safety and industrial relations. It is also the effective utilization of the whole labour force in the organisation managerial and non-managerial. The manager can achieve little on his own. He is dependent on the non-managerial workers. It is used to have supportive role. This means that he uses his own capabilities and those of subordinates too, according to Follet, “getting things done through other people” (Follaro, 1975), and to achieve the set objectives which is the foundation of any organisation. Unless objectives are achieved regularly, the organisation ceases to exist.
The success of any organisation depends upon a large extent in the calibre of the workers who work for it having the right person in the right place at the right time, discipline any misconduct of the employees, compensating them in form of wages and salaries, promoting, motivating to bring efficient product for great profitability, which is the main objective of any organisation.
The origin of personnel management dated back to the time of industrial revolutions in Britain. At the time there were poor working conditions. People had to work for long hours (between 14. 16 hours) another important factor was that woman above 50 years and children under 10years were hade to work. This was dated back to the 19th century.
On this account, and being conscious of their oppression as a class, workers foresaw the inevitability of organised labour movement or trade unions as a practical solution to fight against hardship, vision of a new social order to improve their well being. This led to the emergence of welfare workers’ who went from industry to industry in order to forge workers and trade unions brotherhood in order to ameliorate their predicament the movement gained ground and led to the formation of welfare workers Association in 1913, this movement was however disrupted by the fist world war about government intervened and this brought about improvement in the working condition of the workers.

The increase in the number of employees traceable to industrial revolution era and complexity in management constitute major problem in every business organisation. Due to poor span of control a manager who used to manage twenty (20) instead of five (5) works. This requires a lot of specialist skill and methods; hence there is need for personnel functions.
In view of the above, can an organisation do without personnel management, in the area of human relations in an organisation?
This can be referred to as the interaction between management and workers, and the outside world, such as government, suppliers contractors and  all the external environment of an organization.
Organisation must improve the working performance and productivity, skills and ability of its employees. The problem is how to determine training effectively? What particular training need is suitable for a particular work? Could it be right spoken then to say personnel unit in conjunction with employees department should handle training? Other questions are:-
1.     What are the impact by the personnel department as a vital unit in the achievement of overall objective of the organisation.
2.     How can we improve the uncongenial that use to occur between management and workers?

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