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          Distribution can be defined as the act of placing goods and services where they are needed or wanted. One school of thought says that distribution is concerned with the activities involved in transferring of goods and services from producers to the final users; it includes the physical activities such as transportation, storage, the legal promotional and finished until products reached the final consumer.
          Distribution otherwise known as place in marketing language is critical activity that must be performed by any marketer in order to ensure that the business survives.
A producer who cannot handle distribution of his product successfully can never have impact felt in the marketing other words. Distribution is an important aspect of marketing that is very essential to company especially in a company producing wide range of consumer product like: Nigeria Breweries plc Ibadan.
          The objective of the research work include the following:
·        To establish the role and the importance of distribution in marketing activities.
·        To enhance the distribution activities for people in order to ensure effectively and efficiently participation.
·        To shed more light on distribution to some traditional manager who are yet to recognize distribution as an essential aspect of marketing that should taken for granted.
·        To enlighten the consumer on the merit and demerit of middlemen.
          The type of data to be collected are
·        What method of distribution does the company used?
·        To what extent does the company make use of middleman?
·        How does the company reach its buyers?
·        Does the company include itself in physical distribution?
·        What does the production capacity of the company look like and the sales?
          Area of study
          This research work deals with the actual field study survey in fact finding. The information used in this study was gather through face-to-face interview and observation. These go a long way in determining the actual input distribution on the company sales turnover the functions and effects on company’s performance.
          Sources of data in this research is mainly primary sources because of the nature of this research work in order to attain the basic g oal of the product. Also secondary source will be used such as relevant text book, journals etc.

          In my topic data presentation would be in questionnaire. This is the process by which we go to the company we pick as case study and distribute our questionnaire. It is after the respondents might have answered all the question that will then present it and table it into the  topic under this data presentation and analysis we will be discussing something like hypothesis. This hypothesis may be in four places.
          The first hypothesis will be discussing the  aspect by which distribution would be separated from sales units as a functional unit within the organization.
          The second hypothesis will be talking on how the company must actively involve the distributing its product.
          The third hypothesis will also be talking on the drivers and sale representatives that is either the driver can distribute more than sales representatives.
          The fourth that is the last hypothesis on our topic will be referring to the company on how they should moderately participate in distributing products for effectiveness to be assured.
          The limitation of these research work includes:
i.                   Inadequate resources to ensure the high flow of work in order to reach the promise land.
ii.                 School activities do not permit convenient for us to make the project faster and efficiently of work.
iii.              Lastly, the company manager does not disclose all information needed in order to protect the image and good will of the  company
TIME UTILITY: This is benefit that consumer derived from taking a particular goods needed go in line with a particular time such goods are derived to them. The consumer satisfaction is the primary aims of any business set up in order to attain target or goods of the company at the right time.
PLACE UTILITY: This involves where and when the best consumer can be found in different geographical region or location in order to meet up with their  desire place utility created making product available to the consumers in their different areas at when needed.
FINANCIAL UTILITY: This is the money used to run a business an activity or a project in an organization. It helps the business to progress and to reaching the consumer through effective distribution and it helps them to supply what their customer demand from them.
     The word consumer could be interchangeably used for market, the consumer could be viewed in various dimensions but the marketers view of customers are that they are more likely purchased or the target market.
     It is the portion of the market to which marketing efforts are  directed to and meant to serve. It is best defined in terms of the specific modes that a given product is designed to serve a purpose.
     CONSUMER: These are person that derived the satisfaction or benefit from product offer. They are the ones consuming the product produced and they are referred as ultimate user of such products. 
     The target of all marketing activity ultimately centered on the consumer or buyer. Who must somehow, made through the flours of competing product and the myriads of frequently contradicting advertising and selling aims. Who is a consumer? What determines their motivation or behavior in the market place? These questions defined the subject matter of consumer behaviors.
Organization consumer: these are individual organization who buys products that they will used for manufactured or eventually resold to other consumers and organizations buyers can be further divided into
Individual buyers
Intermediate buyers 

·        Title page
·        Certification
·        Dedication
·        Acknowledgement        
·        Proposal
·        Table of Contents

1.0     Introduction        
1.1     Objectives of the study
1.2     Research question
1.3     Scope of the study        
1.4     Brief History of the company
1.5     Definition of key terms

Literature review
2.0     Meaning of distribution
2.1     Channel and intermediaries
2.2     Channel design strategies       
2.3     Distribution channel management
2.4     Channel for distribution of consumer goods
2.5     Factors that influence the choice of distribution channel
2.6     Level of distribution channel
2.7     Physical distribution management
2.8     Meaning of consumer behaviour
2.9     Consumers buying decision

3.1     Research methodology
3.2     Research design
3.3     Data collection method
3.4     Research instrument and techniques
3.5     Measurement of variable        

4.0     Data Presentation and Analysis
4.1     Analysis of Data collection
4.2     Observation and Interpretation of Data
5.0     Summary of findings and conclusion
5.1     Recommendations
5.2     Conclusion
          Distribution can be defined as the act of placing goods and services where they are needed or wanted. One school of thoughts says that distribution is concerned with the activities involved in transferring of goods and services from producers to the final users; it includes physical activities such as transportation, storage, the legal promotional and finished goods until products reached the final consumer.
          Distribution otherwise known as place in marketing language is a critical activity that must be performed by any marketer in order to ensure that the business survive.
          Distribution is defined by Cundiff etal as major discussion making which embrace physical distribution and management of market channel for a business to survive there must be an efficient distribution whereby all products or goods produced must reached the consumer in order to achieve market goals and to achieve this goals make information available  to the company on how consumer complaints in order to give them quality product in which they derived their maximum satisfaction on their money spent.
          Distribution is defined by Olukayode A. Farayola (1977) as the movement of goods and services from the point of production to the point of use or consumption.
          Distribution otherwise known as place in marketing language is an important element of marketing mix because there is no business until a sale is executed.
          This distribution takes cognizance of the movement of raw material as well as that of finished goods i.e. the possible routes and the combination that the product undertakes to reach the consumer.
          Distribution enables the right goods or raw materials to be available at the right place.
          It goes a long way in determining not only the price of goods but also the market activities. Therefore, effective planning of distribution is sine quanon to marketing.
          The meaning of consumer behavior having gained an understanding of the birth of consumer behavior . It is necessary to understand and have an insight into what constitute consumer behavior.

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