The scope of this project is to proof that sales promotion for any product can be done on the internet taking Heineken beer of the Nigerian Brewery new life Ife road, Alakia Adegbayi Ibadan as a case study.
          Chapter one: talks about the uses of internet, the problems of low coverage and the money required to carry our sales promotion of Heineken beer which the existing system eradicating those problems which is the reasons of writing this project and the methods that is used carrying out.
Chapter two: is all about what some great men has written about this project topic that is online sales promotion.
Chapter three: I wrote brief background about my case study which is Heineken beer of Nigeria brewery plc Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria. All the tasks that the outdated, existing manual way of conducting sales promotion. The solution wider coverage, time management resources (money), management etc. that my system is bringing to the company. Also the types of programme used to design to setup of instruction which HTML.
Chapter four: this is where the design of the system is shown the necessary things that are to be input to the programme how the output of the system will look like and the work, which the system will do before producing out the output.
Chapter five: is only telling you how the pages of the website are developed.
Chapter six: is revealing that the system required to operate
Chapter seven: the chapter summarized, concluded and recommend this project.

·        Title page
·        Certification
·        Dedication
·        Acknowledgement        
·        Abstract
·        Table of contents
1.1      Introduction
1.2      Statement of the problem
1.3      Aim and objective
1.4      Scope of the study
1.5      Justification of the study
1.6      Contribution of the knowledge
1.7      Definition of terms
2.0     Literature review
2.1     Advantages of internet

3.0     System analysis
3.1     Background information on the case study
3.2     Operation of the existing system
3.3     Analysis of finding
3.4     Methodology
3.5     Output from the system
3.6     Input to the system
3.7     Processing task carried out by the system
3.8     Problem of existing system.

4.0     System design
4.1     Output design
4.2     Output specification
4.3     Input design
4.4     Input specification
4.5     Processing task
4.6     Visual table of content
4.7     Hipo chart

5.0     System development

6.0     System implementation
6.1     Task performed during implementation
6.2     Environment in which the new system will operate
6.3     System Hard ware requirement
6.4     System software requirement
6.5     Operation of the new system
6.6     User guide.

7.0     Summary
7.1     Achievement
7.2     Problems encountered
7.3     Limitations of the study
7.4     Conclusion
7.5     Recommendation.



          The internet played a vital role in the world and most especially in the performance of many organizations. It has been so common in most companies in the world are connected to the internet.

          The internet system is an innovative web based solution useful for organization and companies to improve sales of their goods and services. Online and virtual environment is an enormous network of millions of computer allowing communication throughout the world. Internet is related to e-commerce, since it based on electronic.

          E-commerce also known as electronic commerce consist of the buying and selling of product and services over electronic media such as internet and other computer networks. The amount of trade conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily since the advert of internet. A wide variety of commercial activities conducted in this manner spuring and drawing on innovation in electronic funds transfer (EFT), Supply chain management (SCM), internet marketing, online transaction processing (OTP), electronic Data interchange (EDI), inventory management system and automated data collection system.
          Modern electronic commerce typically uses the world wide web at least as some point in the transaction life cycle although, it can encompasses as wider range of technologies such as e-mail. Electronic commerce that is conducted between business is refer to as business to business. Business to business can be open to an interested parties such as commodity exchange or limited to specific, pre-qualified participants such as commodity exchange or limited to specific, pre-qualified participants.
          Electronic commerce is generally considered to the sales aspects of e-business. It also consist of the exchange of data to facilitate.
          The financing and payment aspects of the business transaction. It has changed over the 30 years. Although the internet become popular worldwide in 1994. It took four years to introduce secretary protocol and DSL what is it allowing continual connection to the internet and by the end of 2000 a lot of European and American business companies offered their service through the world wide web.
          The e-commerce meant the facilitation of commercial transaction electronically, using technology such as electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic fund transfer (EFT)both introduce on the 70’s allowing to send commercial document like purchase order or invoices electronically.

          The research has proved that there are many problems in the current way of sales i.e. manual, TV, radio and printing press, medias through inflexibility. Expensive low coverage, time and space is barrier, inaccurate. These are major problems that many organization and companies are facing in performance their sales in manual and local ways. It is time consuming thinking about the areas and customer that are to be reached.......

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