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This study examined job satisfaction and performance of librarians in Federal University Libraries in South East Nigeria. The study was guided by six research questions. Descriptive survey was used to conduct the study. The population of the study was made up of 110 librarians in the four federal university libraries in South East Nigeria. And the libraries are Nnamdi Azikiwe Library University of Nigeria Nsukka (62), Nnamdi Azikiwe University Library, Awka (15), Federal University of Technology Owerri (26), and Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Library, Umudike (7). Data relevant for the study was collected using questionnaire and a total of 92 out of 110 questionnaires distributed were returned and found usable. Data were analyzed by mean, percentages and frequency. The findings revealed that general job satisfaction exist among the librarians in federal university libraries in South East Nigeria. This was as a result of the existence of constituents of job satisfaction such as opportunity for promotion, good working environment and salary. It also revealed that job satisfaction has great influence on job performance. Equally, the study reveals that lack of opportunity for promotion is the greatest factor that can affect their job satisfaction and performance and the existence of promotion opportunities and other factors such as, salary increment, opportunity for training, concrete job description will to a very great extent enhance the job satisfaction and performance of these librarians. The study recommended that, the existing constituents of job satisfaction should be sustained and improved by adjusting to changes, restructuring of appraisal system to accommodate the changes brought by ICT, putting management induced inefficiency into consideration when judging staff performance, reviewing library policies as and when due, recruiting librarians that like the job and providing opportunities to participate in training.


Title page
Table of Content
List of Abbreviations
List of Tables

Background of the Study
Statement of the problem
Purpose of the Study
Research Questions
Significance of the Study
Scope of the Study

Conceptual Framework
Constituents of Job Satisfaction
Constituents of Job Performance
Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction and Performance
Relationship between Job Satisfaction and performance
Strategies for enhancing Job Satisfaction and Performance
Theoretical Framework
Theories of Motivation
Theories of Job Satisfaction
Review of Empirical Works
Summary of Literature Review

Research Design
Area of the Study
Population of the Study
Sample and Sampling Techniques
Instruments for Data Collection
Validation of the Instrument
Method of Data Collection
Method of Data analysis


Discussion of Findings
Implications of the Study
Limitation of Study
Suggestion for Further Research



Background of the Study

Job is a purposive human activity. It is an exercise of man‟s faculties for the production of a particular desired goal in the form of goods and services. (Eze, 2002). Job has been and will continue to be part and parcel of man‟s existence in this physical world. It is a means by which societal and individual needs are met. Therefore, job is very natural to man, controls and animates him both in everyday existence and in social and intellectual life. Job is not just about an employment; rather it goes further to mean an activity that produces something of value to and for the society.

Job satisfaction can be seen as a positive attitude of a worker towards his job and a pleasurable emotional state resulting from the perception of one‟s job as fulfilling (Adeyemo, 2000). Hodson and Sullivan (1990) view job satisfaction as a summary attitude that people experience about their work. It is the result of their task, the characteristics of the organization. Similarly Parmer and East (1993) describe job satisfaction as relating to individual‟s feeling or emotion towards work. The happier people are with their job, the more satisfied they will be. Job satisfaction (JS) as defined by Cranny, Smith and Stone cited in Weiss, (2002) is conceived as effective reaction to one‟s job. Weiss (2002) on his own part argues that job satisfaction is an attitude, but points out that it should be clearly distinguished, the objects or cognitive evaluation which affect emotion, behaviors‟ and beliefs. The relationship between a worker and his job can be described in terms of the meaning, which the work holds for the persons. A person who engages on a particular job has certain values for the job; such values are strongly related to the basic needs of the individual. That is why Eze (1998), continued that job satisfaction refers to the degree to which personal needs, material and physiological, intrinsic and extrinsic are realized by the individual while performing the tasks involved in his job.

People have always asked questions why do people stay on a particular job all the days of their life?. Not all jobs have high salaries, high prestige or pleasant working conditions. Some have long hours at work, dangerous environment and a high stress. However, some people are just willing to endure these negatives and still hold onto their jobs. This can be attributed to the fact that some people might naturally like their job as it is, and not the conditions surrounding the job or they have no opportunity for a better job; and so they hold to it. However, It will not be a perfect situation even when an employee sticks to a job and the performance is in a high scale, but the workers mind is dull, his emotions wrapped and in a shattered working condition. Even if it seems perfect in the short run the effect in the long run might be doubtful. Therefore it is not appropriate to think of human element in an establishment in terms of productive efficiency alone, but of equal importance is the satisfaction derived by the individual from the job. Job satisfaction entails, the feeling on the part the individual that he shares the basic purpose of a group of which he belong. A mind set which makes it possible for him to perform his task with energy, enthusiasm, and self discipline, sustained by a conviction that in spite of obstacles and conflicts, his personal and social ideas are worth pursuing. Schneider (1991) describes job satisfaction as personality evaluation of...

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