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This study aims to determine the effect of motivation on staff productivity, In two Deposit Money Banks in Katsina Metropolis. The study examine three dimensions of motivational factors and their effect on staff productivity. Survey design was adopted for the study and cross-sectional data were collected by means of questionnaire administered to a sample of 84 employees. The data obtained from the survey were subjected to regression analysis with the aid of SPSS. Three hypotheses were tested in the study. The result shows that motivation has significant effect on productivity of employees in the selected  Banks. The study therefore recommends that managers in the Banks give adequate attention to the  motivational variables so as to encourage employees to be productive in the banking industries.


Title page
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables

1.1       Background of the Study
1.2       Statement of the Problem
1.3       Research Questions
1.4       Objective of the study
1.5       Research Hypotheses
1.6       Scope of the study
1.7       Significance of the Study
1.8       Definition of Key Terms

2.1       Introduction
2.2       Concept of Motivation
2.2.1    Features of Motivation
2.2.2    Classification of Motivation
2.2.3    Sources of Motivation
2.2.4    Ways of Motivating Employees
2.2.5    Employee Rewards
2.2.6    Importance of Effective Reward System
2.3       Motivational Theories
2.3.1    Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
2.3.2    ERG Theory
2.3.3    Two-Factor Theory of Fredrick Herzburg
2.3.4    Acquired Needs Theory
2.4       Incentive Schemes
2.5       Performance
2.5.1    Effects of Motivation on Productivity
2.6       Empirical Review
2.7       Summary of Chapter

3.1       Introduction
3.2       Research Design
3.3       Population of the Study
3.4       Method of data collection
3.5       Methods of Data Analysis
3.6       Model Specification
3.7       Summary of the chapter

4.1       Introduction
4.2       Response Rate
4.3       Description of Respondents
4.4       Regression Result
4.5       Test of Hypotheses
4.6       Discussion of Findings

5.1       Summary
5.2       Conclusion
5.3       Limitation of the Study
5.4       Recommendation


1.1  Background of the Study
There is probably no concept more important than motivation, in the study of employee’s behavior in many organizations. A manager may consider motivation as an inducement (financial or otherwise) given to the employees to ginger them to work more. By this measure, organization goals and objectives are achieved. On the other hand, employees usually associate motivation with some monetary values (Rothberg, 2015).
Motivation is a pervasive function that cuts across all aspect of employee’s development. It is often discussed by people in any organization. Management cannot operate in isolation of their employees because they are human beings and not machines or tools which are utilize recklessly or in a rough manner (Kallimullah, 2010).
In today’s economy, employers have gone beyond being just employers because of their interest in the management of employee’s productivity. Most business personnel have realize more than ever before that their organizational set goals and objectivities cannot be achieved if their employee do not perform as much as expected (Manmohan, 2013). This is the reason for much concentration of effort on the concept of motivation which is concerned with encouraging workers or employees to attain to the best of their ability. Human resources, both in private or public sector are the most assets essential in any given organization, hence must be handled with care. Motivation of the employee is the areas management should concern in other to ensure the realization of the planned goals and objective of their organization (Dwan, 2003).
People go to work in organization not for the sake of work itself but with the aim of achieving their individual objective. It then follows that the key of motivation is the satisfaction of needs. A worker will be motivated if he feels his organization is helping him to satisfy needs to a reasonable extent (Yazdani, 2011). In view of the fact that needs are sophisticated in nature, there has been a growing importance to understand these needs by some behavioral scientists. Thus, we have a lot of motivational theories like those propounded by Abraham Maslow, Vroom, Fredrick Herzberg to mention but a few. (Yazdani, 2011)
All organizations are concerned with what should be done to achieve sustained high levels of performance through people. Consequently, the subject of adequate incentives for workers, as evidenced in so many attempts made by management practitioners, is to look for the best way to manage especially the human resources so as to accomplish the organizational mission with the optimal costs. In view of this, the study will examine the extent that financial and non-financial motivation such as incentives, job satisfaction, job environment, compensation and emoluments have on employee performance (Yazdani, 2011).

Rewarding employees for their work is a motivational rule in business. Employers adapt different methods to achieve this (George 2016).As noted by (George 2016) annual bonuses are a common way many employers reward their employees for their work, though providing smaller, more consistent rewards is a great way to boost motivation.

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