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Title page
Table of Content

CHAPTER ONE: Introduction
1.1       Background to the Study
1.2       Statement of the Research Problem
1.3       Research Questions
1.4       Objectives of the Study
1.5       Statement of Hypotheses
1.6       Significance of the Study
1.7       Scope and Limitations of the Study
1.8       Definition of Concepts

CHAPTERTWO: Literature Review and Theoretical Framework
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Literature Review
2.2.1 Human Resource Training and Development
2.2.2 Employee Performance
2.2.3 Effect of Training on Performance
2.2.4 The other factor affecting employee performance
2.3       Theoretical Framework

CHAPTER THREE: Research Methodology
3.1       Introduction
3.2       Research Design
3.3       Population of the Study
3.4       Sample Size and Sampling Techniques
3.5       Sources of Data
3.6       Methods of Data Presentation and Analysis

CHAPTER FOUR: An Overview of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria and Organisational Structure

4.1       Introduction
4.2       Objectives of PHCN
4.3       PHCN Policy
4.4       Structure of Electric Power Sector
4.4.1 Main Indicators
4.4.2 Energy Related Ratios
4.4.3 Local Distribution Companies
4.4.4 Payment of bills
4.5       Privatization of PHCN
4.5.1 Constraints of PHCN

CHAPTER FIVE: Data Presentation and Analysis
5.1       Introduction
5.1.1 Bio-Data of Respondents
5.2       Test of Hypotheses
5.3       Major Findings

CHAPTER SIX: Summary, Conclusion, and Recommendations
6.1       Summary
6.2       Conclusion
6.3       Recommendations


Most service organization in Nigeria, in recent years are facing the challenges of labour turn over due to lack of job training of their employees. More so, most service organization keep downsizing their employees and recruiting new ones as a result of changes in their services and work processes driven by technological trends and competitive environment. Therefore, it is logical for employees to keep changing their methodologies, thus giving room for continuous training and development. The objective of this study was to examine whether employees’ training and development enhances work efficiency in the service organization and aimed at finding out the adequacy of training and development programme provided to the staff of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) in Zaria. Primary data were used for the study, which were generated through the use of questionnaires. The study is a descriptive research method and adopted the system theory. To guide the study, three research questions and hypotheses were posed. The study took a sample of 154 respondents from a population of 250 from the total population of staff in the Power Holding Company of Nigeria(PHCN) Zaria used as case study. Simple random technique was used to select the respondents. The statistical instruments used in testing the validity of the hypotheses were analyzed using chi-square. Major findings indicated that there is a positive correlation among all the variables. Result of model summary shows that the independent variables account for 39.1% of the variation in organizational performance. The study also reveals that inadequate skilled personnel, equipment and gross corruption especially on the part of health workers gravely affect the performance of the PHCN.The study therefore concluded that for training and development to have significant impact on organizational performance, employees need to be motivated during training programs. It wasrecommended that organization should introduce reward system for outstanding performance so as to motivate employees to always put in their best during each training session. And organization should be effective in integration of resources, physically and human will to yield high output or performance both internally and externally.



1.1              Background to the Study

In a developing country like Nigeria, training and development of manpower

resources is highly needed in virtually all business organizations for its effectiveness. It is hard for any business organization to exist without adequate manpower hence it is an indispensable tool for any business organization. For Managers to perform their functions effectively there must be well designed training and development programs to enable them enhance their performance. These training programmes may range from on-the-job training scheme aimed at exposing managers to new techniques adopted in modern office environments.

Manpower training and development must be based on a need analysis derived from a comparison of “actual performance’’ and behavior with “required performance’’ and behavior. Manpower training and development is one of the major ways organization invests in the workforce for greater return today and even in the foreseeable future.

Organizations are facing increased competition due to globalization, changes in technology, political and economic environments (Evans, Pucik & Barsoux 2002, 32) and therefore prompting these organizations to train their employees as one of the ways to prepare them to adjust to the increases above and thus enhance their performance. It is important to not ignore the prevailing evidence on growth of knowledge in the business corporate world in the last decade. This growth has not only been brought about by....

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