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Title Page
Table of Contents

1.0       Background to the Study
1.1       Statement of the Research Problem
1.2       Aim of the Study
1.3       Objectives of the Study
1.4       Research Questions
1.5       Justification for the Study
1.6       Scope of the Study
1.7       Definition of Terms
1.8       Abbreviations/Acronyms

2.0       Literature Review and Theoretical Framework
2.1       Short History of Chika Okpala [Chief Zebrudaya Alias 4.30]
2.2       Customer Behaviour
2.3       Concepts of Detergent
2.4       Profile of PZ Company
2.5       Theoretical Framework

3.0       Introduction
3.1       Sample Size Procedure
3.2       Study Population
3.3       Research Design
3.4       Method of Data Collection
3.5       Justification of Research Instruments
3.6       Analytical Technique

CHAPTER FOUR -Data Presentation and Discussion of findings
4.0       Introduction
4.1       Socio-Demographic Characteristics of the Respondents
4.2       Impact  of  Testimonial  Advertising  on  the  consumption  of  Elephant  Blue Detergent
4.3       The Strengths and Weaknesses of Testimonial Advertising
4.3.1    Factors that affect advert of Elephant Blue detergent
4.4       Influences of Emotional Advertising on Attitudinal buying Behaviour of Respondents
4.4.1    Emotional Factors that Influence Respondents Attitudinal Buying
4.5       Discussion of findings

5.0       Summary
5.1       Recommendation
5.2       Conclusion
5.3       Contributions to Knowledge and Development Communication;


The study examined testimonial advertising and consumer behaviour of Chief Zebrudaya advert as a frame for analysis. Documentary methods of data collection as well as self - administered structured questionnaire were used to elicit information from the respondents. From the descriptive statistical techniques used it was observed that the majority of the respondents at Chindit Junior Staff Depot BarracksZaria that use detergent regularly aged between 26 – 30 years, which is the age bracket of rigorous activities because of their strength and youthfulness. Likewise, the majority of the respondents were females because female respondents use detergent more than the male and female were more willing to participate supporting the general notion that manual laundry in our society is mostly done by female folk. The results established four key factors as paramount and crucial and indeed relative to the strengths and weaknesses of testimonial advertising. These are the language the celebrity used, how the advert is packaged and what price it will go for. The research findings thus support Ayuk and Nyaseda‘s (2008: 9) assertion that a ―well-known and well-liked personality within the society evoke likeness and good image towards a product or services‖. The findings also buttressed the source credibility model which explains that the acceptance and favourable response to an advertisement message depends on the perception the audience have about the expertise, trustworthiness and knowledge of the source. It is quite noticeable that a good percentage of the respondents were influenced by the package of the product and their purchasing power. It was also deduced that respondents are more swayed to buying the Elephant Blue Detergent in the following order; due to feelings they experienced from watching advert overtime (36.%) and also from their experience of watching Chief Zebrudaya in the New Masquerade play (40.7%). However, 13.3% were influenced by their family experience of usage of the product while 10% of the respondents were emotionally motivated to buy this product through other factors such as personal instinct, curiosity, price indices of the product and mere need to just buy something for use. It can be inferred from the findings of the research that the acceptability of a product as a result of its commercial is due to celebrity‘s endorsement of the product.



1.0              Background to the Study

The advertiser‘s primary objective is to reach prospective customers and influence

their awareness, attitudes andbuyingbehaviour. They spend a lot of money to keep individuals (markets) interested in their products. To succeed, they need to understand what makes potential customers behave the way they do. The advertiser‘s goal is to get enough relevant market data to develop accurate profiles of buyers-to-find the common group(and symbols) for communication. This involves the study of consumers, behaviour; the mental and emotional processes and the physical activities of people who purchase and use goods and services to satisfy particular needs and wants (Arlington, 1996).

Potter (1990) noted that the principal aim of consumer behaviour analysis is to explain why consumers act in particular ways under certain circumstances. It tries to determine the factors that influence consumer behaviour, especially the economic, social and psychological aspects that can indicate the most favoured marketing mix that management should select. Consumer behaviour analysis helps to determine the direction that consumer behaviour is likely to take and to give preferred trends in product development, and attributes of alternative communication methods etc. Consumer behaviour analysis views the consumer as another variable in the marketing sequence, a variable that cannot be-controlled and that will interpret the product or service not onlyin terms of the physical characteristics, but in the context of this image according to the social and psychological makeup of that individual consumer (or group of consumers)......

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