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Title Page
Table of Content

1.1       Background to the Study
1.2.      What is New Media
1.3       A Brief on First Bank Nigeria Limited
1.4       Statement of Research Problem
1.5       Aims and Objectives of the Study
1.6       Research Questions
1.7       Justification of Study
1.8       Scope of The Study

2.         Introduction
2.1       Different New Media Communication Channels For Customers
2.2       Banking and Economic Development
2.3       The Emergence of New Media in The Banking Industry
2.3.1    Automated Teller Machine
2.3.2    Telephone Banking
2.3.3    Cell Phone Banking (mobile banking)
2.3.4    Personal Computer Banking
2.3.5    Internet/Web/Online Banking
2.3.6    Cards Banking
2.3.7    Short Message Service
2.3.8    Face Book
2.3.9    Twitter
2.3.10  Google+
2.3.11  You Tube
2.3.12  Blogs
2.4       Why Banks Employ New Media as Communication Tool/Channels in Banking Service
2.5       Factors Enhancing the Aplication of the New Media as a Tool In Banking
2.6       Challenges and Issues in The Application of New media as a Tool in The Banking Industry
2.6.1    Security and Privacy Challenge
2.6.2    Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
2.6.3    Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)
2.6.4    3D Secure
2.6.5    Smart Card Security
2.6.6    Corporate Challenges
2.6.7    Infrastructural Challenges
2.6.8    Socio-Cultural Challenges
2.6.9    Challenges to Employees
2.6.10  Legal and Regulatory Challenge
2.7       Theoretical Framework

3.0.      Introduction
3.1       Research Design
3.2       Population of Study
3.3       Sample Size and Sampling Procedure
3.4       Instruments For Data Collection
3.5       Procedure for Data Collection
3.6       Procedure For Data Presentation and Analysis

4.1. Introduction
4.2       Bio-graphic Atributes of Respondents
4.2.1    Gender of Respondents
4.3       Age of respondents
4.3.1    Number of Years Banking
4.3.2    New Media as a Tool for Banking service Delivery
4.4       Discussions on Major Findings

5.1       Summary
5.2       Recommendations
5.3       Conclusion


This study titled "New Media and The Challenges of Communicating Service Delivery in First Bank Nigeria Limited" was meant to examine the role New Media is playing in the banking sector with a special focus on First Bank Nigeria Ltd. It interrogates the assumption that just any good or beautiful trend or product particularly in the financial service industry is usable especially when it has proven to be successful in other climes. This is because the success of New Media in banking service delivery in Europe and other climes especially as it is reflected in the banking halls, does not seem to be the case here, even among predominantly literate settlements. The theory of usability and user experience forms the basis for this work, however it is viewed from the perspective of Development communication, considering the role banking plays in modern development. To achieve this, four objectives were raised as well as four research questions in chapter one. Related literatures on some of the issues were reviewed in Chapter two, issues like the New Media available in the banking sector and challenges of applying New Media in the banking sector. The blue print for the study was discussed in chapter three. This study adopted a descriptive survey design hence questionnaires were administered to respondents as well as interviews conducted. Stratified random sampling technique was used in order to draw data from the population. Data was collected via administration of questionnaire as well as through interviews. The data presentation took the form of tabulation followed by detailed analysis in percentages followed by interpretation. There were some key findings amongst which is that most of the customers make use of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and one of the major challenges faced by bank staff and customers is the erratic power supply and constant network failures. The study therefore recommended that the bank management should put in place alternative power supply as well as providing good and adequate infrastructure for the proper implementation of New Media as communication tool in Banking in First Bank Nigeria Ltd. But beyond that, the bank should adopt a typical Development Communication approach of thoroughly researching and getting feedback from the customers in order to reflect their needs in the deployment of products and services.



1.1              Background to the Study

The world has been going through what can be referred to as a digital revolution. This revolution has transformed the information communication infrastructure of society and has spawned emerging themes and subjects of study. The term ―New Media‖ is a product of this development. ―New Media‖ is commonly used to refer to electronic forms of communication made possible through digital technology, and connotes interactivity and hyperactivity. With the ―old media‖ being repackaged into New Media formats, and with the producers of old media also designing content for New Media audiences, the lines of distinction have drawn closer and the dichotomy seems false (Mateo and Paragas, 2007)

The popularity and power of New Media can no longer be dismissed as a youthful indulgence or a vanity medium for popular culture figures. People of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds are flocking to popular New Media networks. Businesses of all sorts, especially the banking sector and even governments, are establishing their presence and communicating directly and freely with their existing customers and potential prospects (Coombs, 2011).

The rhetoric surrounding New Media has often embodied a claim that New Media helps to produce a more equal as well as a more liberated society. The big advantage is the easy access for all who want to speak, unhindered by the powerful interests that control the content of print media and the channels of broadcasting. You do not need to be rich and powerful to have a presence on the World Wide Web (McQuail, 2005).....

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